Agriculture & Natural Resources

Agriculture & Natural Resources

The experienced professionals at Troutman Sanders Strategies (TSS) have over 50 years of in-depth experience managing issues prominent in Congress, their policies and the associated political ramifications. A hallmark of TSS is that we marry a deep knowledge of issues with a lifelong commitment to politics, forging sound long-term solutions.

We approach client challenges head-on from a unique industry perspective, helping clients navigate the sophisticated world of agriculture and natural resources. With broad regulatory and legislative expertise accompanied by real world agriculture experience, including the management of a family-owned rice farm, our practice provides support in all areas of agriculture and natural resources, from farm to table. From personal and professional experience, we understand these industries.

Drawing upon this knowledge and our extensive network of relationships at key government organizations and the highest levels of state and federal government, we are well-poised to deliver the expertise required to support our clients’ needs and positively impact the agriculture and natural resource sectors.

Our representative experience includes, but is not limited to large beverage and biotechnology companies, the largest trade associations for the U.S. rice and cotton industries, a trade association for credit services, a renewable fuels consortium plant and a university land grant, as well as cities and counties particularly in the western U.S. Our firm has significant expertise supporting clients’ needs as related to research, biotechnology, agriculture, food safety, flood control, water supply, dams, other water issues and endangered species.

Through the years, our team has established a proven track record for successfully:

We negotiate and communicate daily with numerous government organizations and committees at all levels of government, including The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), The White House, Bureau of Reclamation, Senate Agriculture Committee, Senate Finance Committee, Senate Energy and Commerce Committee, House Agriculture Committee and House Ways and Means Committee, as well as their state equivalents. In addition, a member of our team serves on the U.S. Senator’s USDA Nominating Committee.

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