Coalition Building & Grasstops Advocacy

Impacting Government Through Advocacy

In today's highly regulated business environment, the nexus between government and business has never been more critical. Now, more than ever, successful business plans must incorporate sound public affairs strategies and partnerships to navigate the political and government landscape. Key decision makers often react to the "loudest voice," and informed and energized constituents can be the most potent advocates for your issues. This viewpoint forms the basis of our effective, strategic practice which is focused on organizing opinion elites and priority constituencies to impact government through advocacy of our clients' interests.

Troutman Sanders Strategies (TSS) is a full service, bi-partisan public affairs firm capable of partnering with your business and steering your company through the complex government challenges it faces. We are aptly prepared to manage your complex public affairs campaign at the Federal, State or Local level. Our team’s wide range of experience dealing with key decision makers and staff at all levels of government, as well as our great deal of political campaign and issue management experience affords us strong relationships with elected officials, trade associations, business leaders, political contributors, members of the media and grassroots leaders. We mobilize opinion elites – the individuals who are well-known and are closest to the targeted decision maker – and leverage these relationships on behalf of our clients to advocate and advance specific goals and agendas. Quality versus quantity is the key.

State governments, the U.S. Congress and both political parties are our turf. The strategic campaign begins with a unique blueprint or workplan dedicated to reaching these decision makers and achieving the desired vote from the assigned elected official.


TSS specializes in Coalition Development & Mobilization, Grasstops & Grassroots Communication and Message Development/Issue Management. We also utilize strategic partners to generate Earned Media and Paid Media for our clients.

Coalition Development & Mobilization

When your business is seeking government approval on a contentious issue, or if a proposed piece of legislation that affects your business model is controversial, it is vital that elected officials are clearly aware of the public support favoring your position. We will work closely with your company to identify potential supporters of your position and exercise our relationships and knowledge of the political landscape to develop and mobilize a coalition willing to advocate on your behalf. Our goal is to create a viable coalition comprised of respected community, business, and political leaders, grassroots activists, trade associations and other relevant third-party organizations and voices willing to engage in a campaign supportive of your company's goals.

Grasstops & Grassroots Communication

Building the coalition, however, is just the first step. Mobilizing the coalition into action will likely mean the difference between winning and losing. The tactics we employ will ensure the coalition adds value to your ongoing efforts. Whether initiating high level "Grasstops" calls and meetings with key decision makers, flooding a public hearing with supporters or generating numerous letters from "Grassroots" activists to elected officials, our efforts will raise the volume of your issue and cause elected officials to take notice.

Earned Media

Communicating with legislators is just one aspect of the campaign plan. Generating local Earned Media favorable to your position is key ingredient of a winning public affairs campaign. The strategic placement of op-eds, letters to the editor, talk radio interviews, editorial board meetings or press conferences by influential voices are all valuable elements of an earned media strategy. We are also well-versed in the application of "New Media" tactics utilizing the Internet to communicate your message widely and effectively.

Message Development/Issue Management

Once your coalition is up and running, proper Message Development/Issue Management makes a significant difference. TSS will work with your company to craft a message that will resonate with elected officials and the community you are trying to motivate. In doing so, we ensure that the targeted messaging replicates and reinforces the overall strategy and message.

Paid Media

Depending upon the nature of your challenge, the use of Paid Media may be warranted. We partner with many top tier vendors to provide our clients a wide range of paid media options including direct mail, custom printing as well as television, radio, newspaper and Internet advertising. Working in tandem with the appropriate vendor and your company, we can eliminate the guesswork associated with media strategy and provide much needed expertise that will ultimately benefit your efforts.


Whether class action reform, bankruptcy reform, securities litigation reform, trade fights, land use or zoning decisions, high profile legislation, high-tech, complex healthcare reform or other issues, we are qualified to join your team and prepared to achieve positive results. There are many reasons, in addition to our network and aforementioned specialties, that our practice is the best in the business:

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